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Our Training Mentality as Instructors

Training is the key to improvement. It is the gate we go through to achieve our goals. We are teaching & preaching this to our Students.

To truly 'deliver' this idea, we must illuminate that action through our very own soul. Than and only than, our word becomes the truth. Otherwise, we are talking only something we 'saw,' but we are not really telling 'our story.'

Training for the very beginner Student is to 'come into' this City of Styles & Skills called WDP. This is the Element Earth and the Center of the City. Later on, those Students who show effort and dedication can be taken to another 'district' called 'place of shapes.' In here, the dedicated student is allowed to witness different Personalities of the Teacher as well as him/her self. Here Styles disappear, and only SHAPES are manifesting. Discipline appears, and a routined continuous training method begins. The amount of weekly training here is by far higher than at the first stage of the 'City Center.' This here is not the 'Center for Tourists' anymore, it is the West Side of the City and connected to the Metal Element. You got here not more than 7 Students at a time maximum.

If the student goes through this and has a 'solid shape' at any time, anywhere... it is time to bring him/her into another deeper 'closed-door' area of the City within the City, to become ultimately Shape- and Formless, capable of using and becoming any Style or Form within any shape at will. These Shape-Shifters now are dedicated, diligent, and self-disciplined Students who exactly know what they want to achieve and set their goals high up to limitlessness. This is the Element Water and the North Side of the City. You have a maximum of 5 Students at a time taking care of the Cities North-Hills.

Now, being a complete skilled person, without binding to any 'rules' or 'forms', this student is ready to become one of the 9 Dragons of the East. This Element Wood is a different stare & sphere from the rest. The student is freed from 'Training-Hours' and 'line-up' regulations because here a formless training starts for the student. More than at ANY OTHER STAGE, the Teacher must take care and see that this doesn't go out of control. The Dragon needs its space and should also become its space. The Teacher, however, should be able to keep this Dragon surrounded and schooled, without the Dragon realizing it necessarily. To make that possible, the Instructor himself must know what it is like to be a Dragon and what it be like to be tamed because it's the Instructor's duty to tame this Dragon into a Dutiful-Dragon, without it losing its skills or powerful manifestation. The Dragons are 9, and everyone has their own Palace within the Eastern City Walls.. Here at this stage, most Students loose motivation to continue education, since they have reached a certain level of skill and freedom. The ones who actually can continue are the ones reaching levels beyond the 'known' indeed with time.

The 3 Flames in the South.

The last stage before the student has fulfilled 1 cycle of our education method.

Now, the student should have the power to illuminate FROM WITHIN and make the 'own' light represent the Clan. Here the student has everything from within. It is not learning from 'outside' anymore, but discovering from the inner self. The Teacher and Instructor are still there to keep the Student (by that time already an Instructor and Senior Student) connected to the profound truth of all Principles. This truth is not a matter of words which could be written down, it is something, one witnesses, and one is shown by the Teacher when the time is ready. There are a maximum of 3 of those highly skilled Students on the South Side of the City.

The last step is to step back to the City-Center to welcome the New-Beginning-Student. Or ... one is sent away ... by the Teacher, to build and create an own City of Skills & Styles.

That is our Way, and that is our method.


The question here is...

How many of you have been through this?

You all are teachers... Have you been through this education, to be able to make this education available to another person?

The training mentality ...

Start now.

You will receive Students with high capacity. Make sure your position & role is not blocking his/her achievements.

The Space of the Dragon is impregnable... an old Wudang Sword phrase..

Here reality within our teachings.

One should be severe enough to take this task for real and not letting it fall apart.

A City... no matter how great it is...

...will fall apart if the fundamental principles of the City are not being taken care of by the 'elders.'

The 'youngsters' most likely will follow the 'elders' actions.

One great saying of Ali, nicknamed "The Gate of Wisdom" by the Prophet Muhammad, is: "Educate your children, not for the time you been living, but for the time they will be living."


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