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Internal Martial Arts & Chinese Boxing League

The Internal Martial Arts & Chinese Boxing League (IMACB) is a Free Organization whose primary focus is on the Education, Training, Serving, Growing and Gathering of Martial Artists & Martial Arts from all over the world.


Embracing and unifying the world of martial arts; whether it be Internal or External, Chinese or Non-Chinese, Classical or Non-Classical, Modern or Traditional.

The intention and mission of this Private Association is the EXCHANGE and UNIFICATION amongst varying styles and artists

Martial Arts

These two words carry a unique and extraordinary heavy value and beauty in meaning.

The word MARTIAL implies POWER AND CONNECTIVITY. Maybe Violence.

The word ART however, implies BEAUTY AND SKILL. Maybe Control. But for sure it contains FREEDOM.

When we bring these aspects together, we will find a 'beautiful control and direction of power, without it being dissipated to violence --- the unique skill to connect people with art in freedom, without boundaries'.

This is our primary aim.

To connect people through ART & THE WORK BEHIND.

The core of IMACB is born out of people who strive to completely free themselves from any dogmatic and 'rule-oriented' mindsets!  People who want to do ONE THING FREELY WITH JOY: 'TRAINING'!

Read here more about the history of IMACB

or go to the BENEFITS of being a Member to this Association!

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