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Wudang Principles -

Our Martial Arts family


The core of WDP, there are 10 ancestral principles of internal martial arts from which we derive our practice.


We define our art not by its limits but from the core inside out, thus allowing WDP to be an open system.


While we treasure our roots in the legendary arts of mt. Wudang, we reach without hesitation into modernity to improve our daily practice.


While we base our practice on the five fundamental pillars of Wudang Xuan Wu Pai, we eagerly learn from modern-day MMA, Thai-boxing, ground fighting, and modern strength and movement practices. Both as practitioners and teachers we aim to practice and pass on a deep tradition while turning each training session into a laboratory for new discoveries.

1.  混元一周天   


hún yuán yì zhōu tiān            The Cosmos is "ONE" Circle


2.  阴阳合太极


yīn yáng hé tài jí

dòng jìng běn zìrán                Stillness and movement in Harmony, THIS is Taiji 


3.  三元夺造化


sān yuán duó zào huà            The three treasures/circles are containing and affecting everything


4.  四象始成形


sì xiàng shǐ chéng xíng          The four aspects are creating the form


5.  五行分生克


wǔ xíng fēn shēng kè              The five elements creating and destroying each other


6.  六合修内外


liù hé xiū neì wài                        The six harmonies schooling the inside and the outside


7.  七星本为发


qī xīng běn wéi fā                       The seven stars are sent out natural


8.  八卦自为化


bā guà zì wéi huà                        The eight trigrams breaking Blockades (for self-defense) and bringing solutions


9.  九宫练神形


jiǔ gōng liàn shén xíng              The nine skills(palaces) teaching the (body) expression


10. 万法桩功生


wàn fa zhuāng gōng shēng     10.000 ways are originating from the one and returning to the one (pillar)

Below you will find an explanation of Ismet Himmet about WDP itself and some differences to other internal Styles or Lineages!

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