It all goes back.. this Idea of HARD, SOLID & OLDSCHOOL TRAINING... passed down from one generation to another.


Making it possible for ANYone in the world to be able to practice the remote Eastern Arts in this manner and way. Without necessarily needing to travel in China, or Thailand, or any other eastern country far away... without the boundary of distance and borders


Ismet Himmet, a dedicated and lifelong martial artist had these ideas since his childhood. He starting serious martial arts training in 1985 in South Germany, then moving to Berlin in the 90's, he became an Instructor for Kungfu in 1999. Committing himself into long term martial arts studies in PR China from the year 2000 onwards, at which time became to be recognized as a highly qualified instructor in 2006.


2006 is also the year of Ismet Himmets first Martial Arts Academy in Berlin, Germany.


The rest is history... 2006 is the beginning of a whole new era of teaching and training in the west and so far, the FIRST Martial Arts Dormitory School opened in 2007.


The journey continues when 11 people including Ismet Himmet decided to move to China for teaching and training.


A seven-year period of authentic, concentrated training went by in a glimpse. All over the world, suddenly, arose WDP Schools ... spreading true inner and external martial, health, and movement arts including the deeper spiritual aspects.


Now, this group, often called as 'THE WDP CLAN' (WDP as the main aspect of their art WUDANG PRINCIPLES - but NOT Wudang Pai as a dogmatic Tradition!) opening up their Gates for all, welcoming the world of martial arts and martial artists .. whether internal arts or external... Chinese or non-Chinese...

The Name
Loft46 is a name for the current WDP HEADQUARTERS in Berlin City, Germany.
The Name comes out of the actual address:
Berliner Str. 46
10713 Berlin
Ismet Himmet established the first MARTIAL ARTS LODGING ACADEMY back in 2007 at this place.
Prior to this place Ismet taught in Parks and Sportshalls, beginning in January 2006.
That first professional lodging school in Berliner Str. 46 was the beginning of FULL TIME EDUCATION in GONGFU &
It continues up to today
and the place received the nickname LOFT46

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