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As you guys know, we couldn't post here the last 2 weeks ... and only one of the reasons is the current situation with the Covid-19. Life is a different one in Germany right now for the last couple of weeks and suddenly we got borders again.. in between european union countries. .. It is a shock to many people here in Germany... and also we don't exactly know how long this will go on...

Seeing people uploading Qi Gong videos vs the coronavirus gave me the rest .. and i was left with an open mouth.. thinking, that how ppl can use THIS time to sell their stuff?? And no, it is NOT for helping people out in this situation.. it is SELLING YOUR STUFF, because you KNOW it doesn't work like that. You can not learn suddenly to be healthy in the middle of a crisis via qi gong. ... Yes, maybe you can make the right decisions to change your life entirely.. but that is another level of behaviour than starting off a qi gong class, in order to be healthy.

This video is already public on Facebook. I needed to make that one reach as much people as possible. Still here as a share to all our members on this page... Hope you take the words serious out of it.. and take some time to think over everything.

Greetings to Everyone

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