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What is it, that makes You a Teacher?

Hey Folks...

I chose to write today about the topic of being a Teacher.

To be a Teacher.

An Instructor, a coach, and mentor... what is it to be a Teacher, and what exactly MAKES the Teacher.

Grade? Achievements? Certificate? Skill?

Here are my very personal requirements I would like to share with all of you since You are the ones who directly represent me and YOUR very inner SELF where ever you are and whoever you teach.

Take yourself back for a moment... and let these Ideas of 'being an Instructor' go through your mind.

1) Patience.

A Teacher is a Teacher because he/she had the patience to reach this level. Now it is time even to show MORE patience to the ones who are on their way.. growing. Grows, you can not control or force. It 'happens.' What you can do is 'letting it come.' Letting it 'be'-come. Letting it BE.

The moment you go for control, you will make changes to the natural 'education'. But the student at WDP should have the possibility and opportunity to grow naturally. This does not mean that growth should be un-cared. It only should be AS NATURAL as possible, but at the same time, it should be SOLID and with deep-going experience. For that, one needs patience. To be able to teach and give patience to your students, you must MANIFEST patience. Your students will learn. Also, without you telling them anything about it. They will, as long as they come with trust to you, be connected to you and will bring out patience as well.

2) Grant.

You should be able to GRANT others more than you have. Only then will you be able to bring out better Martial Artists than you are. It is the plan that ALL your students, who bring the capacity, achieve a much higher skill in various different aspects of our arts than you have made. If you are not thinking this way, something is wrong with the IDEA of being an INSTRUCTOR at WDP. Let this go through your mind deeply and quietly.

3) Knowledge.

Make sure you got the needed BACKGROUND wisdom of what you teach. This is not only theory but also practical wisdom and knowledge. The knowledge must be alive. It must be experienced. For that, you will need to put yourself consistently and continuously into challenges that give you insight into various different topics in life & training. This is only possible if you have the constant thirst for wisdom and pure knowledge, which can not be found in books or the internet. It is the knowledge that arises from YOUR VERY INNER SELF THROUGH EXPERIENCE.

4) Power.

You should be ready to 'rule' over events and happenings. Firstly INSIDE your self. The understanding of the reign of the 5 Dragons is critical knowledge for that. Make sure you read yourself into the theory of the 5 Dragons to understand the different stages & aspects of your cultivation. Once understood, you need to go through stuff, you would never consciously face without having the knowledge about the 5 Dragons. Going through various different stuff will make you secure, and power will arise from that. You start RULE over certain things that appear in your inner world, instead of they rule over you. That is needed to illuminate power.

5) Gravity.

Gravity is given to human beings who are in charge of a certain territory or people. It is not achieved by WILLING TO HAVE IT. It is given through the above-mentioned qualities in combination with that truly deep-going word trust. Without trust, all that described above is only temporary. With trust, suddenly, everything becomes inevitable and unmistakable real. It becomes real and true. Everything you touch becomes immortal. All you say has weight. All you do has power and authority. Now, what you do, you do NOT out of causation & reason, but out of wisdom.

6) Perceptiveness & Sensitiveness.

Without being sensitive enough, you will never know what the student needs to what time. As a teacher at WDP, it is our duty to be sensitive enough to feel the student's needs, not his/her wishes. It is essential to give to the student the right schooling, which is not always a technique or a theory class. Most of the time, the student learns out of your attitude and action apart from the training curriculum.

7) Awareness & Perception.

To be aware of student's situations too is an essential requirement of our Family Style at WDP. Not only from the words you hear, you should receive needed information, but also through your inner eye, that at all times, watch the ones who are genuinely connected to you. Now there is no space in here to describe how this skill is developed and how that works. Make your thoughts on that and speak out your inner wish to be able to open that eye one day.

8) Expression.

As a teacher, we need to school our students the art of expression. The student needs to know how and what to express at what time and to what location. The student only can receive that knowledge by seeing the expression on you. Be clear about the YIN and the YANG expression at the beginning. Later learn about the 5 Emotions and where they need to be manifested TRULY without acting and without the need for an additional push.

These 8 aspects and highly important points... must be learned by heart by every EACH instructor of WDP. This is a whole different level of being a teacher but also of schooling students.

Make sure you are on your way to realize and achieve these qualities with the time. Not only will your life change entirely, but also your surroundings, your community, and, most importantly, your world view.

Keep this knowledge for your self as a teacher. It is not for further communication. It is for you until the time when YOU pass this on.




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