Responsibility begins before you are born.

It begins, once the pre-heavenly spirit (eternal attributes) that will become 'you' chose to 'be(come)'.

And it will last as long as these attributes that are 'making' you, you, disappear into that what is 'I'. The one, the eternal, the only 'I'.

This responsibility is, from human to human, different.

YOUR responsibility is that, what truly defines you.

Not your words, not your behavior, not your deeds, not your dreams... It is your responsibility that defines who you are. In the most inner... most deep and most obvious state. And nothing else can and will match with that in terms of truly 'defining' you.

Now you can take this responsibility and MAKE it visible from your inner world deeper into your most inner essence.... ..

...or you throw it away... . And be the liar.

Liar, why?

Liar, because you are not keeping your Pre-Heavenly Responsibility throughout this mortal life.



There is no family to this.

There is no near, or far. There is no relative, that stands closer, nor a friend that stands by your side.

It is you.



And every single soul enjoys to the fullest:




There is no favour for the heart. There is no discrimination against the heart.

As a human being;

it is our foremost and most essential task to KNOW, REALIZE & IDENTIFY our responsibility.

Because this responsibility goes towards our deepest self. So, to all humanity.

We let our ego win, we lose EVERYTHING we ever stood for.

If we truly can not jump over our shadows...

...we will lose the responsibility that was given to us way far before mortal life, which is more essential than anything that THIS life could ever give us - so all that we have achieved or want to achieve will be empty.


But what exactly means responsibility?

How to know what responsibility I have?

How to realize and determine the responsibility that is exactly given to 'me'.

What is the difference between 'my' responsibility and the responsibility of anyone else?

..Firstly; Responsibility means to 'move-thoughtful'.

Thoughtfulness will bring one kind of reasoning, no worldly school could ever teach you.

It will give you the 'moment' to 'think' before you make a mistake or after you make a mistake.

Both; before and after .. are important to determine and keep our responsibility.

Thoughtfulness and Care. These two are the first steps to understanding the responsibility we are carrying.

Seeing, being aware, thinking, and understanding 'consequences' after a mistake or success is the following way in order to know WHAT responsibility you have.

To observe, study, watch and notice the 'heaviness' of the consequences to various different mistakes or success-acts, and find the difference between you and any other person, who is confronted with the same situation, but different consequences will make you determine the exact & precise 'only-to-you-given' responsibility and you will see the differences in between your and anyone else's responsibility, so your true purpose in this life will be illuminated.

'kıldan ince kılıçtan keskin'

Is the word that describes this path.

That path, on which you and we all are walking.