Deep down the Roots of the Knowledge Tree

We were sitting there, practicing Taijiquan.

It took me 21 years to be able to choose among my Students 7 people. These 7 had not only followed my instructions throughout years.. but also they followed this light that was leading me too. This Light is called Taiji (not Taijiquan) and it was before the creation of separation & distinction.


The absolute principle of all being.

It is the sake of TAI JI that DAO made WU JI (Void - None Pole - Polelessness & That that was before creation) shift into TAI JI. Into Existence.

Apart from Immortals that reached the State of WU JI - state of DAO before Creation - there is literally nothing in Existence that is not covered and 'ruled' by the utmost Principle TAI JI. TAI JI is the beginning of Creation and the end of Creation. Its main attribute is ONENESS, its characteristic is WHOLENESS, its Fatherly quality is COMPREHENSIVE and its Motherly quality is ALL-EMBRACING.

A true Human being is capable, qualified & authoritative to (not 're-' but) PREsent this state of complete & absolute essence of creation.

It is that origin that leads us together. It is that origin that brings people towards each other, from the 'separation-in-mind' into the unity of all 'separated-thought-being(s)'.

It is this Father in us, that keeps us under one roof.

It is that Mother in us, that embraces all our inner separations into ONE and ONLY MERCY & COMPASSION.

The wide.

The deep.

The abstruse, obscure, incomprehensible truth.

The undiscovered Love of and to all 'things'. Is the proof of ONENESS.

There is no separation that is not rooted in oneness. There is no desperation that is not covered by mercy. There is no guilt that will not disappear in the presence of its origin. The origin of ALL CREATION.

All my students have their very well-kept, well-tended & groomed light within. Some have their light in their Shang Zhong Xue, their Heart-Chakra. Some on their Yin Tang - their third Eye in-between and slightly over their eyebrows, others illuminate from their Dan Tian the energetical Center of the Human Body. Again others have it in their eyes.. some firey full of life, some lovely embracing, some direct, strong and clear, ... mat.

On these 7 the light is on their Bai Hui.

The top of the Human body, when standing, the top of the head.

The point of hundred gatherings.

It is the place of the heavens pagoda of the Jade Emperor.

They are lead by this light, but also pulled towards this truth, that is unspeakable.

Every each of them had their way to this moment. And from here we see where the journey brings us up to.

Now we are here, on Crete Island and are fully into our practice.

On the very first day..

Everything started with the focus on the Cafe-Machine!

It was a mystery, ... ... .. to use that thing.

But very fast we got it figured out and were relaxed fully into our Taiji-Mood