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Don't let your rash past determine your present. But let your thoughtful present determine your

We all have this.

Fear of failure. Worries. Unsureness & doubts.

Only we chose to have those, instead of positive, secure thoughts.

And the more we 'think' it is impossible, the more we limit our selves exactly into that.

'Thinking' is the key to ALL action. As long as we do not move with that consciousness, we are determined to live by ALL our past decisions & actions, wether good or bad.

The moment however, we take active action into NOW and start to move step by step with thoughtful actions into a new reality, THAT moment is it, when we actually take control of our future.

Remember; only 'missed opportunities' lead to regretful experiences!

Do not miss your opportunity of NOW & HERE! Take it into your hand and make your move thoughtful.

Every martial artist has this feeling of 'not today...' ... 'to tired' or 'i can make todays training tomorrow, it's to much today...' etc.

Exactly those excuses are the missed opportunities.

Think it over. Set your goals. And than MAKE your moves. Steady and calm. Thoughtful. With the trust to go the distance.

We all are making mistakes and failures. But those failures are not responsible for our present decisions!

Every great thing, starts with a very tiny little wish .. to accomplish it. This tiny wish is the seed we plant into our hearts. It must be given care and nutrition to grow. EVERY little move and action towards that goal is the nutritive care to this one little seed. Every training session is a step towards it. Remember that.

Giving up... too, is a tool to leave 'stuff' behind and go for the LIFE! For example, giving up old habits, or letting go of laziness... or just letting any contra productive behaviour behind you. But giving up on training, practice and effort means the exact opposite.

I leave you with these words alone:

"Allow yourself to grow through thoughtful actions, instead of cutting off your roads, through rash decisions."

I see you.

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