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For what exactly stands WDP and what is SHIZAAM?

Dear readers, dear members, dear friends & students..

For more than a month I couldn't really publish anything in here and I don't want to give only the Corona Situation as a reason.. even though it was ONE of the main reasons.. 2 kids not allowed to go to school & kinder-garden, my Wife; a special permit to CONTINUE her work, because she is in the International Logistics Business that didn't allow home-office - PLUS she were put into quarantine the last 14 days because she was tested for Covid-19 after catching a cold, but the result THANKS GOD is negative, my lovely mother with us... 24/7 the kids ... lots of stuff to handle at home..

But now I want to start off with one of the more asked questions the last couple of years, for new-comers of WHAT EXACTLY IS IT, what we do, and why we call our community WDP and what is SHIZAAM.. ?

I mean.. yes, I could go with the slang of 'wdp is the clan, shizaam the plan' .. but I guess, when your students ask you, or your friends, or relatives.. this wouldn't be the most fitting answer ... (of course in some cases sure... depending on the awkwardness levels you are used to or not) ...

here now 2 Videos I made a while ago answering this question... Hope this gives more insight into our work and you have a more clear view on it once you have watched them.

Greetings to All !!


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