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What is it about ?

The IMACB ASSOCIATION is an Idea born from the ashes of today's situation on any martial arts community in the world.

I have spent years and years engaging people with trust as a student & teacher of martial arts and morals but also building a trustful community where people are looking after each other and helping the way they can best...

What makes an association necessary, and what is it that we have learned from NOT having an association with an active membership, members - connected and communicating throughout the world, globally and live?

I mean...

Do I have to say any more?

The question itself is the answer already. Bright, open, and dull.

HAVING an active community of martial artists, members from all over the world communicating with each other, sharing their ideas, improvements, stories, achievements, goals, needs & daily matters with each other, is an 'all-time & everywhere helping hand & listening ear.'

Standing strong together and being in a dynamic movement makes your very own actions suddenly become serious 'big'.

The benefits are enormous.

Being connected vs. going alone

There is sure comfort in being alone on a trip, without anyone telling you what to do, or without you needing to take care of your morally, mentally, or physical actions because there is simply no one you could bother.

The same comfort becomes a trap, the moment you need a handy help, or you'd like to share some of your ideas. Still, cant find anyone to talk about it simply because you are not connected, or you would like spread a word in a more meaningful manner, but there is no community you can reach out to because you didn't like the idea of being connected.

On the contrary, IF you are connected... you will have another comfort.

That comfort is defined by realizing your very own self THROUGH the guy next to you. Through the connected person. Through the community, you are walking. Through the movement, you move together along the path.

There is a comfort called BEING ONE within the ONE.

And that sentence does not need any further explanation. Please take it.

Being part of the community vs. being the community

We do not believe in 'part of.' We are not part of something bigger.. we ARE that what we 'are moving with.'

Being in this community should not make you a part of something. It should make you your self to the fullest within and as the community itself.

What does this mean?

It means your word is not only a voting tool. It is actually what it says: A WORD. Your concern should not be a nuisance - it should be the concern of all. Your happiness and achievements should not be an object of competition.. it should be the joy, success & courage of all. Your ideas should enrich the whole community, and your mistakes should be the teaching of how to make it better for all.

How to make this possible?

Trying to get everything for free vs. honoring and respecting an idea by willingly holding it up with needed mental and material support

"If it's the real stuff, why is it connected to money?"

A sentence I hear very often, especially within the martial arts communities.

"If it's real, it's not for money" ...

"Money is not important at all; Martial Arts are. You can not pay martial arts with money, so Why request money for Martial Arts?"

My answer to that is:

"IF money is so unimportant to you, why are you unable to give it up for such an important thing?"


It happened once to one of my student's school.

They broke in and stole lots of stuff.

A bad situation for a guy who just was in his start-up.

Suddenly a computer was missing, weapons, training equipment etc. and of course to repair and renew the locks, entrance doors, etc.

There was no community to talk to at this moment. 3000-4000 USD would be an easy thing to handle with an active supporting membership... but it was not.

Members who pay 3-5 USD a month could already have made a massive change in that particular situation.

It was not the case.

So my very personal opinion on that is as following:

I was always happy and glad to support the school or clan I was a member of because I knew it was always for good (from my view).

But it doesn't need to be broken into a Martial Arts School to make a community wake up and start a monthly supportive union. There are also super lovely other benefits one can gain by being one as a vast world extensive family.

About those benefits, pls read the next blog entry.

Make sure that you make your mind up. And if you are ready and set, then let us know. Go to the section of MEMBERSHIP and make your first moves within the community.

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