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To become an active IMACB member, you will need to agree to our terms & conditions.

Terms & Conditions are firstly our WU DE (Martial Moral Codes)

1) This community is not expressing an unhealthy ego or promoting violence.

2) The IMACB (INTERNAL MARTIAL ARTS & CHINESE BOXING LEAGUE) is an association to unite souls through the vehicle called 'martial arts.' This word 'martial' implies that one 'fights' or 'battles' to reach a goal. It also brings the concept of 'overcoming a blockade' and 'solution' to a situation. The concept 'art,' however, means cultivation and effort through time brought together with skill and beauty.

The ART here is to be skillful smoothly and beautifully. FIGHTING goes vs. the very inner demons first and at the same time to defend you and your beloved ones' physical and mental health. These terms should be heeded and taken care of internally.

3) Members of the IMACB Association are strictly required to respect, follow, and take care of the country's laws as well as the association's moral codes.

The most critical moral codes are:

  • I do not train martial arts to show off or make people proud of me

  • I train & teach to inspire myself and my surrounding

  • Training martial arts is teaching me how to behave. Calmness and inner Stillness are two fundamental attributes I learn and practice day in day out in martial arts. These attributes I need to manifest also in my very daily life. Staying calm, when provoked, and being internally in stillness in the heart of a dangerous situation are some take-aways of those fundamental attributes.

  • Daily disciplined training for myself will make improvements. I don't need any proof of that by anyone other than my very own self.

  • I don't want to be a reason for any bad- or trash talk - not towards my community and especially not towards other communities.

  • I follow the instructions from my teachers. If anything appears unlogic to me, I have the patience to see the reasons for these instructions. I do not question every other training method just because I do not understand them; I follow and overcome my doubts by going THROUGH instead of making excuses due to my personal view or opinion.

  • Training-rules and principles are guidelines. They are not build to make everyone happy and glad. Some agree with them, some not. If I do not agree with the fundamental guidelines and moral codes, I do not necessarily need to be a member of this association. So as long as I am a member, I follow the principles and guidelines with trust.

  • Help your training partners where ever and whenever you can. Do not expect a THANK YOU for your help.

  • Your help towards others is a practice and cultivation of your soul and character. The community is built on uppon unity and support and builds integration, unity, and support.

4) It is my duty to see righteousness, promote righteousness, and act righteously. This starts at my very own matters and goes out to the whole world.

5) My communication with a person should be a mirror of my inner self. It should not be a facade to show something different than I am.

6) Show respect to your teachers, training partners, and students. Easiest way starting with that is to take their word seriously and put value into what's coming from them.

7) Tolerate ALL HUMAN BEING, but do not lose your way because of that. Tolerance does not mean to accept something as your own. And accepting something also does not mean to tolerate it. Be aware of these two meanings.

8) Work not only hard but also intelligent. The outcome will be surprisingly high in value.

9) Understand that every 'way' has its limits. A Human being does not have limits. The conclusion is to make your way limitless by being honest to your self, not being caught by the limitations of a certain 'way,' no matter how real and good, and right it looks to you in the beginning.

10) You are a WDP CLAN MEMBER and practice SHIZAAM Arts, and you can name that openly and publicly. Using those words also means to have responsibility. You represent the WHOLE family. Be aware of that.

11) The word 'MASTER' is not used by anyone within the family, including Ismet Himmet, who is the creator of SHIZAAM and the WDP Family. Even though Ismet was announced as a 'SHIFU' (MASTER) by his Teacher, GM You Xuan De in Golden Autumn 2005, he refuses to use this highly misused title, to make a difference. SHIFU means 'Father.' It also implies skill and knowledge-wise unmatched Person within a community or an area. We do not believe that one person has unparalleled wisdom or knowledge and/or skill until it is proven, which is not the goal for us. Therefore the INSTRUCTOR and TEACHER are the better words.

12) There are 4 Levels of Instructorship at WDP:

- Fundamental Instructor - Advanced Instructor - Full Instructor - Expert Level Instructor (with the title: BEGINNER, because the real journey begins right here)

13) Do not call yourself an Instructor before you are allowed.

14) Instructor Levels are differently achieved at WDP CLASSIC or CHINESE BOXING. The curriculum is different. Ask for the necessary instructions. For both sections, the full FUNDAMENTAL PROGRAM is online accessible at

15) To be listed and promoted through our main pages online, one must at least reached the Fundamental Instructor Level and be actively teaching WDP CLASSIC and/or CHINESE BOXING. To be listed as a Certified Training Center, one must have a base and a dojo-space specified to the needs of our guidelines. These guidelines are determined by the WDP Instructor Staff and shared with the eligible Instructors.

16) Each member pays a membership fee of 3,- euros per month for the IMACB ASSOCIATION. Each active instructor pays the membership fees of all students who train under him/her from their monthly training fee to the school.

17) The membership is always for a full year, and the fees will be charged annually. However, the cancellation of the membership can be made each month. The annually charged membership fee (if already charged for that year) is not subject to a refund at the cancellation of the membership.

18) Every member will get a member-card and number connected to their name. With this card, the member has lots of discount options on seminars, workshops, and gatherings organized by WDP CLAN MEMBERS and the IMACB ASSOCIATION.

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