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WDP-Instructor Berlin
Claudio Manzari
Certified WDP Instructor
Co-Chief-Instructor WDP Switzerland
Sachiko Okitsu
Co-Chief Instructor WDP-Switzerland
Chief-Instructor WDP Switzerland
Jan Remus
Chief Instructor WDP-Switzerland
Chief-Instructors WDP Ukraine & Portugal
Slava & Yuri Medelian
Chief Instructors WDP-Ukraine & Spain
WDP-Instructor Düsseldorf, Germany
Marco Auf Dem Wasser
WDP-Instructor Düsseldorf
Chief-Instructor WDP Canada
Rodney S. Bhally
Chief Instructor WDP-Canada
Founder of WDP
Ismet Himmet
Established Wudang Deutschland in 2006 and WDP CHINA in 2011
Co-Founder WDP, First Full Instructor of WDP
Raphael Scullion
Former Chief Instructor for Germany. Lead WDP-Berlin between 2011-2017
Leader of the Xuan Gongfu Academy in Berlin
Stefan Müller
Chief Instructor Germany
STEV LEE "Be loyal to your heart and everything becomes true to you" After practicing martial arts for most of his life, Stefan (nickname Stev) decided in 2011 to dedicate his life to the internal Kung Fu arts by joining the full-time program of Wudang Deutschland under Chief Instructor of that time: Raphael Hug (Raphael Scullion today). His training in Germany was followed by another period of three years under Ismet Himmet at his professional Instructors- Academy in China, where numerous well known high level Instructors completed their education. Being one of Ismets closer students, Stev took the responsibility in 2017 of leading the Wudang Deutschland school in Berlin. ​ Established since 2006 by WDP founder Ismet Himmet, we at Wudang Deutschland dedicate ourselves fully to the internal martial arts. Presently in the third generation, led by Head coach Stev Lee, the school offers students from all over the world the opportunity to practice Kung Fu daily, in a regular or full-time frame. Our goal is to bring traditional martial arts into our modern world, by making it useful for the way in which we live now.
Co-Founder of WDP
Norman Török
Certified WDP Instructor
Norman Torok is a German born martial artist with over 30 years of experience in Chinese martial arts, Beijing Opera and contemporary Wushu. Everything started with watching the good old KungFu Eastern á la Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee which inspired and motivated Norman to start together with his younger brother David, the martial arts way! With the big Chinese movie heroes in mind, at the age of 12, Norman began his Kung Fu education with learning the traditional way of the Jing Wu system under his teacher Nari Randrijan. Already after the first day of training, everything was clear and changed in Normans life so that the chinese martial arts became the red thread and guide in his and his brothers life. Norman Török says: "24/7/365 every heartbeat and breath where dedicated to our traning, it was never enough for us and we can´t wait till we can wake up the next day to continue with our training. The training was very complex and hard, whole body conditioning, form and partner training, was the program under the strict and watchful eyes of our teacher." Around 4 years later, Norman got in touch with the Beijing Opera and modern competition Wushu which was introduced and taught by the highly skilled professional Beijing Opera actor from Shanghai Chen Guo Ji. How else could it be, even on the surface things changed, but still the training stayed serious and hard! "we never heard from our teacher that something was good enough to satisfy his expectations. It was always just so la la or even worse! This way of training gave us even more motivation to improve and getting better." Within the coming years Norman continued his education in the field of modern Wushu and became a professional Wushu athlete, specialised on the southern styles. Together with his brother David they founded the Berlin Wushu Team, which became the most successful Wushu team in Germany at that time and which produced many successful and hight skilled athletes. Beside to train and bring out good athletes, with the Berlin Wushu Team the goal was to make the beautiful art of Wushu more known to the masses. Norman worked as the national taolu coach of the German Wushu Team at the World Wushu Championships in Hong Kong, and was the publisher of one of the first international online martial arts magazine "Wushu Inside". Together with the Shaolin Temple Germany Norman worked to promote the Shaolin Culture in Europe. Since 1999 he was continuously teaching the Chinese martial arts to all ages of people! The art of Wushu itself carries endless benefits for each individual in it, but when i would be asked which one is the most important, then i would say – it brings people from all over the world together and let them become friends, which share the same passion and love for the art! Time went by and paths lead together, so that in the year 2006, Norman met his current teacher Ismet Himmet, founder of Wudang Principles. Together with his former teacher Tang Li Long, they introduced for the first time the unique Wudang Xuan Wu Pai system in Germany. In the year 2010 a big decision was made, which changed everything in Normans life. Together with his teacher Ismet and the WDP brotherhood, the impossible became reality, when all decided to stick together and doing the big step, going to China in 2011 and opening the first by foreigner lead martial arts school in the Wudang mountains. This important step made by all of us, reflex two major attributes of WDP - SHIZAAM ... exploring and going new ways ... doing new things where other might think this is impossible! "The education under Ismet is very complex, deep and diverse . Even over the last years touching and understanding just the surface, i am thankful for everything i was taught and looking forward to understand and learn more!" Based on his knowledge and experiences over the years as a teacher, Norman´s main focus of his work is to teach Qigong and Taijiquan as tools to improve one´s own well-being and life quality! Currently Norman is living and teaching in Berlin! "A big thank you to all my teachers and companions on the way who help me to improve step by step and become a better human!" Visit Norman Töröks Page:
Chief-Instructor WDP Greece
Manos Kantidakis
Chief Instructor WDP-Greece
Chief-Instructor WDP Austria
Stefan Strasser
Chief Instructor WDP-Austria
Stefan Strasser Certified Chief Instructor Austria, Vienna Die Suche nach etwas nicht greifbaren führte Stefan zunächst in die Welt der japanischen Heilkünste um zu erkennen dass das „Nichtgreifbare“ unendlich ist und nicht mal von Gänsefüßchen fassbar ist. Noch in Wien als Shiatsupraktiker fing er an Qigong zu üben und seine ersten Schritte in Baguazhang zu gehen. Dieses Bagua und die inneren Kampfkünste lassen ihn seitdem nicht mehr los. Er ging dann in der Folge für sieben Jahre nach China und schloss sich Ismet Himmet an um in den Bergen von Wudang ein tägliches Training in den daoistischen Kampf und Bewegungskünsten zu beginnen. Während dieser Zeit wurde eine Entwicklung in Gang gesetzt, welche bis heute nicht ruhen möchte. Auch an zwei Wettkämpfen in China durfte er teilnehmen um sein durch Training erworbenes Können bewerten zu lassen. Mit 2 mal Gold und ein mal Silber wurden sehr erfreuliche Ergebnisse erzielt. Nach den Jahren in China kehrte er wieder in seine Heimat zurück um unermüdlich sich weiterhin dem Studium der Kampf und Bewegungskünste zu widmen. Viele Reisen in die USA und durch Europa vertieften ebenfalls sein Wissen bezüglich Neigong und Qigong-Tuina. ​In Wien lebend unterrichtet Stefan das daoistische Kungfu von Ismet Himmet der sein Lehrer ist und in der 15. Generation von Xuanwu-Linie steht. Ismet Himmet´s Wudang Principles ist somit die Kampfkunst-Heimat von Stefan Strasser.

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