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Teacher Education: About

Terms, Conditions & Procedure

To become a Member, a Certified Instructor, or a Certified Training Center of IMACB, 

there are specific steps to follow: 

1. Reach out and introduce yourself as a Student or Instructor. Tell us shortly your martial vita and your reason, why you would like to become a member of our Association.

2. If you are already a Student of a WDP School or of an Instructor, simply write your Name, the name of your Teacher and the Place your are training (area) + how long you already train the arts at WDP. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible and tell you the next steps in person

3. If you are a WDP Instructor and want to be listed at our official page, reach out, send your received Certificate within an email and tell us how long you been practicing martial arts under WDP. We will also give you the opportunity to qualify yourself as a CERTIFIED and LISTED Instructor and/or SCHOOL of IMACB via our qualification-proof-method, which ensures all our members first quality education & training.

Be listed as one of our FIRST-RECOMMEND SCHOOLS at your area and make sure that people can reach you more easy throughout all the internet comparison.


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