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"Be loyal to your heart and everything becomes true to you"

After practicing martial arts for most of his life, Stefan (nickname

Stev) decided in 2011 to dedicate his life to the internal Kung Fu arts

by joining the full-time program of Wudang Deutschland under Chief Instructor of that time: Raphael Hug (Raphael Scullion today). His training in

Germany was followed by another period of three years under Ismet Himmet

at his professional Instructors- Academy in China, where numerous well known high level Instructors completed their education.

Being one of Ismets closer students, Stev took the responsibility in

2017 of leading the Wudang Deutschland school in Berlin.

Established since 2006 by WDP founder Ismet Himmet, we at

Wudang Deutschland dedicate ourselves fully to the internal martial arts.

Presently in the third generation, led by Head coach Stev Lee,

the school offers students from all over the world the opportunity

to practice Kung Fu daily, in a regular or full-time frame. Our goal is

to bring traditional martial arts into our modern world, by making it

useful for the way in which we live now.

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Stev Crete
Stev Musashi
Stev Thunder
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Stev Meditation
Fighter Stev with Chinese Fighters
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