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Marco Auf Dem Wasser

"A movement houses the knowledge of generations that would not find a place in any book in the world!"

Around 20 years ago, when I was about 20 years old I started studying Wing Chun in a private setting in Cologne, not an official school or any other association. Then I became aware of Taiji and quickly recognized its "holistic"! So it was clear to me that I had to find well-founded Taiji teachers!


With Florian's school opening in Cologne / Ehrenfeld, I became aware of WDP (Wudang Principles). I then studied there under Florian for 1-2 years before I came to the Loft46 (WDP HEADQUARTERS GERMANY in Berlin) for a few weeks after a seminar with Ismet Himmet & Master Tang Li Long (2008).  Since then I have been partly in Berlin every year until 2014 and have also taken part in many seminars!


March 2014 I participated a 5-Week-Intensive Full-Time Camp at WDP CHINA under the Teachings of Ismet Himmet on Hainan Island.


November 2014 I moved to Berlin to train for 2.5-3 years in the Loft under Raphael Scullion! Nov 2017 return to Düsseldorf and continue training privately!


Participated and Certified

Instructor after accomplishing the  Comprehensive Classes with Ismet Himmet in Berlin, in spring 2019 -


Beginning of the own Internal Martial Arts School in Düsseldorf.


Fall 2017 Co-founder of the project: Self-assertion and self-awareness training for young people at state schools.

Since then, these seminars have been held 2-3 times a year with ongoing classes at a fixed high school!


After evaluating the project, the city of Düsseldorf and the violence prevention agency in North Rhine-Westphalia are so enthusiastic that the city wants to bring this project to all schools in Düsseldorf!


For this, the first foundation stones have been laid and the authorities are working in the background to set up the financial and personnel security project! Covid-19 slowed down the progress, shortly I received the message that the project will be processed at the earliest in mid-2021 due to the current situation! 

"A movement houses the knowledge of generations that would not find a place in any book in the world! we are heirs of centuries of experience and this legacy grows with every generation! it is our duty to explore and "understand" the legacy in order to pass it on to the next generation as completely as possible so that it can live and develop !!"

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