Catharina Costanzo


Catharina is active as a practicing martial artist since the year 2002. Her interest started off with Escrima, a phillipino martial art, involving short sticks, long Staff, Machete and knife. Through the role of her first female teacher, she learned to appreciate the influence of softness and depth in practice. This lead her to be deeply interested in the mindset and wisdom of eastern martial arts. After engaging into weekly training sessions in Aikido, as much as she could, for a few years, her thirst to finding answers to a deeper yearning became stronger. she decided to go on a quest and move to the roots of her interest. Catharina set her mind to travel directly to places, known as the sources of wisdom. Starting in India, she studied Yogic science and Meditation, certified as a Yoga teacher and living a down to the roots Yogic life, in Ashrams, holy places and secluded temples. Finally, in the year 2004, she found her way to China, traveling over land from Thailand, only with one dream in her heart : to discover the hidden teachings of Tai Ji and Kung Fu. After spending 5 months at Wu Wei Si- Wu Wei Temple in Dali, practicing Shaolin Kung Fu, feeling something is missing, she moved on to the Wudang mountains, to fall in love with Wudang internal teachings. Starting in the year 2005, Catharina has an on going relationship with full-time training and researching, both, daoist philosophy and internal martial arts. She has been certified in various schools in Wudang, investing much time and passion into practice. Finding her final calling with her teacher Ismet Himmet and Wudang Principles, she found her way home.

Catharina now is focussing on spreading the arts in the West ! Giving Workshops and Weekly Classes, her main intent is to share the arts with people who are ready to train hard and give effort in order to achieve physical and mental states & conditions never dreamed of. 

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