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"Stay simple...the rest will settle natural"

Gökcen alias Chen, has always been a big sport and fitness enthusiast and still he is. But somehow, he was not satisfied back then, something was missing in his life. And the seek began even without knowing for what.


In 2009 he discovered Ismet Himmet, who was the founder of WUDANG DEUTSCHLAND, located in Berlin & later WDP worldwide. First time arrived in Wudang Deutschland Academy, he stood and practised for two weeks under Ismet Himmets Senior Student & Head Coach Raphael Hug together with the students and went back home with knowing what to do..the seed was planted. His training continued until 2012, then he left for Wudang Shan in China to participate the instructor program of WDP under Ismet Himmet for 6 years.


Liang Yi Quan was and still is one of his favourite Classic Styles, for which he also won one Silver Medal for his performance at the All China Games in the division 'Traditional-Hand forms' during his Education Time in China. Being in competitions, performance shows was a great experience and always a big challenge. But the Combat was also a big part of his training and it finally took the main focus during the Time on Hainan Island between 2014-2018 and back in Berlin City - until now.


Years of practising but also leading specific daily classes on Hainan Island at WDP Headquarters helped him to achieve solid fundamentals and understanding of both internal and external work. So he took the opportunity to learn the Chinese Boxing System and the process is still on going..


Living in Berlin now, he decided to support Ismet in introducing his System to the world..

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Bern Janni (2)
Push Hands No Limit Camp Day 2+3-18
Chen with CB Group
beginner class
Chen with CB Group 2
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